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Fusion de Genios - Original oil on canvas by artist Nacho Quiroga -
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"Fusion de Genios"

Artist: Nacho Quiroga
Original Oil on Canvas
Size: 28 x 36 inches
Serial #GR5487

Price: US $4,800.00

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About this work:
In a challenge to his own remarkable respect for the works of geniuses Rembrandt (An Old Man in an Armchair - In the 1950s thought to be a late Rembrandt but it has now been reattributed to an unknown contemporary follower of Rembrandt, probably working in the 1650s.) and Tiziano Vecellio (Mater Dolorosa 1553-54), Artist Nacho Quiroga takes the road to make a fusion between the two... coming up with the creation of an indeed outstanding work which could have no better name than the one it has: "Fusion de Genios" (Fusion of Geniuses).
About the artist:
Nacho Quiroga is an artist who, from a technical point of view, seems to make easy what it is extremely difficult. That is the impression which stays with us when we contemplate his work. In his works bridges are placed between the work itself and the spectator to connect the latter with the reality the artist has captured, with remarkable technical precision in the context of sublime emotional expression.

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