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Mario Anibal Gentinetta Grinfeld
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"Viento Patagonico "

Artist: Georg Miciu-Nicolaevici
Hand-Signed Edition Lithograph
Image Size: 15" x 18" inches
Published by Grinfeld™

Price: US $70.00

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About this work:
This print was published by Grinfeld™, copyright holder, utilizing the highest standards of the USA publishing industry. It is printed on Ph neutralized archival paper. It has been inspected under the most careful quality-control procedures. Once approved, it has been personally hand-signed by the artist.
About the artist:
Born in Austria in 1946, Artist Georg Miciu-Nicolaevici was influenced by the teaching of his father, Konstantino, a graduate of Fine Arts of Vienna.  It was he who imprinted in him the simplicity and strength of Russian impressionists combined with the elegance of ancient Europe. Georg traveled extensively throughout the Continent as well as North and South America.  Exhibitions were held in Jerusalem, Paris, Stuttgart, Barcelona, Granada, Buenos Aires, Palm Beach and San Francisco.  He presently resides in Patagonia, Argentina.  His palette-knife technique is unequaled.

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These prints are published by Grinfeld, copyright holder, utilizing the highest standards of the USA publishing industry. They are printed on Ph neutralized archival paper. One by one they are inspected under the most careful quality-control procedures. Once approved, they are personally hand-signed by the artist.

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