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The National Anthem of Argentina (Folk Music Style Version)

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About The National Anthem of Argentina and this Folkloric Version
Extracted in part from Wikipedia

The National Anthem of Argentina was written by the Buenos Aires-born politician Vicente López y Planes, and the music was composed by the Spanish musician Blas Parera. It was adopted as the sole official song on May 11, 1813.

The composition was then known as "Canción Patriótica Nacional" (National Patriotic Song), and later simply as "Canción Patriótica" (Patriotic Song), but in Juan Pedro Esnaola's early arrangement, dated around 1848, it appeared under the title "Himno Nacional Argentino", and the name has been retained until today. In the complete version of the Anthem of May (as was christened by López) it is noted that the political vision portrayed is not only Argentine, but Latin American. The lyrics are ardently pro-independence and anti-Spanish, as the country was at that time fighting for its independence from Spain.

The song became popular immediately. Within ten years, documented performances took place throughout Argentina, and in Chile, Peru, and Colombia, countries that employed the song until suitable replacements were created. An unwanted consequence of this popularity was the emergence of different versions, negatively affecting mass singing. For this reason, several reforms were proposed. In 1860, Esnaola was commissioned to create an official version. He took the task at heart, introducing a considerable number of musical changes, including a slower tempo, a fuller texture, alterations to the melody, and enrichment of the harmony. In 1944, it was confirmed as the official anthem.

The anthem is ruled in Argentine law by Decree 10302/1944.

The rock musician Charly García broke legal regulations dealing with the reproduction of the song when he included an idiosyncratic cover version in his 1990 album "Filosofía barata y zapatos de goma" (Cheap philosophy and rubber shoes), stirring much controversy. In 1998 various Argentine artists reedited the anthem and other patriotic songs in the joint album "El Grito Sagrado". Other singers followed in their footsteps recreating the piece in their own ways.

The folkloric version presented on this page was done by "Grupo Folclorico Maitén". It is, no doubt, a magnificent rendering of the anthem in popular folk music style, it is certainly worth listening to. Enjoy! and... Thank you Charly!!!

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